Ken Terrill is the principal owner and of Incident Management Specialist LLC. He has more than thirty-five year's experience delivering Incident Command System, Wildland Fire and Prescribe Fire training and mentoring services.

Ken also worked for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry as their Forest Fire Operations Specialist which managed the response to forest fires throughout the state.

Ken worked for the South Dakota Division of Forestry as their State Fire Manager or State Fire "Chief" who is responsible for the management of the statewide forest fire and prescribe fire program.
During his tenure in these states he provided the leadership in the development and management of several Incident Management Teams and the development and management of several Multi Agency Coordination Centers.


Ken and all of the company instructors meet the national standards developed by the FEMA Department of Homeland Security National Incident Management System for delivery of all 25 of the Emergency Management Institute & National Fire Academy Incident Command System Courses.  

Ken and all company instructors meet the certification standards developed by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group at the Type 2 Wildfire and Prescribe Fire and Incident Management Team level and the Multiple Agency Coordinator level for managing a Multiple Agency Coordination Center.


  Incident Management Specialist LLC

"Mentoring Masters of Disasters"

Field Experience...

Our company's personnel have been involved with the implementation of the Incident Command System since it was first developed for in 1985.

In 2012 our staff participated in the response to Hurricane Sandy for FEMA. The staff also assisted in the management of wildfires in South Dakota and North Dakota and California in 2013. 

Our personnel worked over 60 days in 2011 in Texas on the forest fires for their Operations Section and their Multiple Agency Coordination Center and in Montana in EOC/Dispatch Center. 

The company personnel were assigned 45 days to work on the Oil Spill in the Gulf in 2010 in which they helped manage the Logistic Section at the Multi Agency Coordination Center locate at the BP building known as the EOC/Dispatch Center.

Our company has staff actively participate in natural and man made disasters so that they stay on the cutting edge of new Incident Command System concepts and processes that are used in the field. 
The staff does this to provide cutting edge knowledge to our clients on what does and does not work in the field environment.

By doing this we know we are "Mentoring Masters of Disasters." for our client.

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