Incident Management Specialist LLC

Incident Management Specialist LLC provides

Exercises & Design and other services...

"Mentoring Masters of Disasters"

We develop and deliver exercises...

Incident Management Specialist LLC develops and delivers Homeland Security

Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) approved tabletop, functional and full

scale exercises for clients. This includes establishing the exercise initial

planning meeting, developing the scenarios, delivering and facilitating

the exercise and evaluation. 

We develop (HSEEP) customized exercises for the client using the tactical

decision game models used with 3D Simulation, a Sandtable, or in

functional or full scale exercises. 

We deliver (HSEEP) all hazard incident management related table top,

functional and full-scale exercises to meet the objectives established

by the customers. 

Other NIMS related services...

Our company mentors clients' incident management teams in the proper use of the National Incident Management System - Incident Command System concepts and procedures. 

Mentor client's personnel through training and exercises so that they can learn how to manage a Multi-Agency Coordination Center which are sometimes located in Emergency Operations Centers. 

Our company assists clients in the development and maintenance of NIMS compliant resource inventory systems that keep track of personnel and equipment by NIMS kind and type categories that will be used to mitigate all hazard incidents. 

Establish for clients mobilization guide procedures on how to deliver resources from emergency operations centers to incident management teams using the NIMS expanded dispatch protocols

Mentor clients incident management team personnel in the proper use of the National Incident Management System and Incident Command System concepts and procedures.