Incident Management Specialist LLC provides the services that a client needs to help them credential their people and ensuring they have met all of the requirements for a specific All Hazard Incident Command System position.

All of our instructors meet the national standards that have been developed by FEMA - Department of Homeland Security - National Incident Management System for delivery of all of the FEMA -Emergency Management Institute & National Fire Academy Incident Command System Courses and Taskbooks.

Our instructors meet the certification standards developed by the National Wildfire Coordinating group at the Type 2 Wildfire and Prescribed Fire and Incident Management Team level which qualifies them to mentor and  credential personnel to meet the standards for each of the Incident Command System positions.

This is accomplished by helping the individual through training and mentoring to pass the appropriate training course and test. 

After the student has received a course certificate the individual is issued a taskbook that needs to complete tasks for the position which they are interested in becoming credentialed in. 

Our company provides the credentialed instructors to manage the mentoring of the individuals to assist them in completing their taskbook.


Incident Management Specialist LLC provides
Mentoring & Credentialing...

Our company will design specific functional & full-scale exercises that have specific work stations established so that individuals can work on and complete the tasks in their taskbook for the position that they wish to become credentialed in.

Once these individual are credentialed the company provides assistance in helping keep the client's personnel current in their position by conducting refresher functional and full-scale exercises.

This service to work on taskbooks can be provided at a site that is provided by the client or in conjunction with a functional exercise, full-scale exercise, incident, or event that is being hosted by the client.

Our company also offers the 8 hour annual (RT-130) Fireline Safety Refresher Training course that is required annually by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group for individuals to work on wildfires. This course can also be provided at a site determined by the customer to keep their travel costs low.

"Mentoring Masters of Disasters"

  Incident Management Specialist LLC